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How to deposit EUR on Bitget?

Below is a complete guide to depositing EUR on Bitget effortlessly via bank deposit. By following these simple steps, you can securely fund your account and enable seamless cryptocurrency trading. Let's get started!

Step 1: Navigate to Buy Crypto, then hover your mouse over the Pay With section to browse the fiat currency menu. Select your preferred fiat currency and click on Bank Deposit.

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Step 2: Enter the amount of fiat currency you want to deposit from your bank account.

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Step 3: The order details, including the amount and payee information, will be displayed. After payment has been completed, use the Confirm button.

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Step 4: Once your deposit is credited, we will send you a notification via email and an internal message. You can check the status of the funds on the asset page or by scrolling down this page.

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1. How do I deposit or withdraw EUR?

Refer to the above guide.

2. How long does it take for my deposit to be credited into my Bitget account?

EUR Arrival Time: 1–3 hours.

3. What information will I need to process my deposit after creating an order?

After creating a deposit order, you will need to make a transfer via a bank app to deposit EUR. The following Payee Account Information will be displayed on the Bitget app: "Account Name", "IBAN", "SWIFT/BIC", "Bank Country", "Bank Name", and "Bank Address".

4. Can I pay from any bank account?

Yes, you can pay from any SEPA-supported bank account in the EEA and UK regions.

5. In case of issues with my transfer, how long will it take to be refunded?

This will depend on your local bank.

6. Can I transfer directly without placing an order on

No, deposits will not be successful if the deposit is done without first placing an order on

7. What happens if I accidentally transfer an amount different from the ordered amount?

Your deposit will not be successful if it does not match the order on

8. What are the deposit and withdrawal fees for EUR?


Deposit type

New processing time

Processing fee

Minimum deposit

Maximum deposit



Within 2 working days





Withdrawal type

New processing time

Processing fee

Minimum withdrawal

Maximum withdrawal



Within 2 working days




  • Fees listed above do not include additional fees that may be charged by your bank.

9. How long will it take for the deposit to arrive in my account?

If you submit a deposit after 5:00 PM (local time), you can expect it to arrive within the next 1–3 working days. SEPA Standard payments do not process on weekends, so it’s advised to try and avoid weekends or bank holidays when making a deposit.

10. What should I pay attention to before making a transfer?

  • The name on the bank account you use must match the name registered to your Bitget account.

  • We do not suggest transferring funds from a joint account. If your payment is made from a joint account, the transfer will most likely be declined by the bank as there is more than one name, and that name does not match the name of your Bitget account.

  • Bank transfers through SWIFT are not accepted.

  • SEPA Standard payments do not process on weekends. Try to avoid weekends or bank holidays. It usually takes 1–2 working days to reach us.

11. What are the deposit/withdrawal limits?

The deposit and withdrawal limits of EUR bank transfers are subject to identity verification tiering. You can submit EDD to upgrade your account limits:

12. Where can I check my order history?

To check your order history, head to

13. Why haven't I received my transfer yet?

There are two possible reasons for the delay:

a) Due to compliance requirements, a small number of transfers are reviewed manually. This can take anywhere from a few hours to one working day.

b) If you used SWIFT as the transfer method, your funds may be returned.

Currently, SEPA only supports personal accounts.

14. Is it possible to make a SWIFT transfer?

Yes, but it may be rejected. Also, the transaction may incur additional fees of around 10 USD. Because of this, Bitget advises against SWIFT transfers.