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Bitget  OTC

Your trusted over-the-counter trading platform for digital assets. Trade fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat with ease


Customized service

Bitget OTC is created to meet the needs of institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals, offering enhanced privacy, deeper liquidity, and faster settlement for large order trading.


Compliance and security

Over-the-counter trading, or OTC trading, avoids the impact of block trades on the open market price while providing personalized, private, and secure services for professional investors with advanced trading needs.


Competitive quotes

Regardless of your order size, Bitget OTC offers professional execution, secure clearing, and competitive quotes throughout the transaction process.

Key features

  • Security and anonymity

    1. Leading MPC technology is adopted to build a safety firewall that safeguards your assets.
    2. Transaction data is not publicized to the market, ensuring your anonymity.
    3. Bitget OTC does not custody fiat or crypto assets for its clients.
  • Global compliance

    1. We strictly follow KYC requirements to combat money laundering (AML) and terrorism financing (CFT).
    2. Bitget OTC monitors real-time client transactions using advanced algorithm models.
    3. We report any suspicious transaction to the central bank and FIU, and comply with FATF recommendations.
  • Liquidity and quotes

    1. Clients can access a global aggregated liquidity pool from leading exchanges and market makers.
    2. Bitget OTC always provides competitive prices near the spot rate, regardless of the order size.
    3. We do not charge fees for account opening, maintenance, or processing.
  • Professional services

    1. Our team of professional advisors offers one-on-one, round-the-clock exclusive service
    2. Our help center and service hotline can quickly help you get started with our trading service.
    3. Settlement occurs instantly upon trading confirmation, with no third party involved.

How to trade OTC?

Complete OTC transactions in 5 simple steps

  • 1


    Get started by signing up at the Bitget OTC portal.

  • 2


    Complete the standard onboarding process and obtain the required certification level.

  • 3

    Quote and trade

    We provide quotes through Telegram or phone with a set expiration time upon the client's request.

  • 4


    Make a fiat transfer or crypto deposit through the designated channel. This usually takes 1-3 business days.

  • 5


    After we verify that your transferred assets have arrived, we will send you the purchased assets.

Start trading with us

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